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S4 EP5
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Zac Prickett heads out to fill his last Ohio doe tag and Staffer Jeremiah heads to Illinois for their gun opener

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Jeremy Myers – Hunter talks about Team KnockOut and Badlands on From The Blind’s Pod Cast

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If you have some extra time, be sure to check out the podcast Jeremy Myers did a few weeks back with From The .  Listen to Jeremy Myers discuss about Team KnockOut and being on the Operative Staff for Badlands! Lemme know what you think! >>—-> Jeremy Myers – Hunter

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S4 EP4

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S4 EP4
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Zac Pricketts wife goes out to fill her doe tag and Jeremy Myers sets out to find a buck

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Another Pa archery season buck!

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Staffer Jeremiah strikes again with an awesome Pa archery season buck! The day prior to harvesting this great buck, Jeremiah harvested his Illinois stud. Jeremiah drove all night to make it to the his stand in Pa where he harvested this buck!

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On the board for Pa archery season

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Well here he is! He is not my biggest buck,but he is my most memorable to date. I initially shot him on 10/24/14 at 5pm roughly. He came in chasing a doe and didn’t give me a whole lot of time to get the camera on him and make the shot. I wasn’t crazy about the shot( due to my angle) and definitely didn’t like how he didn’t go down. I proceeded to track him later that night and ran out of blood. I returned on 10/25/14 and picked up on new blood after about 2 hrs of searching. I followed this bucks blood trail and at times I was on my hands and knees. After 8 total hrs of searching, a crazy series of events, and 1 additional arrow later I finally found the buck I set out to find. Most people would have probably given up, but I knew that as long as I had blood (even a micro dot of blood) I would continue tracking and not give up.At times I was literally crawling to find it. Persistence pays off!

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The calm before the Storm also known as the “Lull”

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Well folks after checking covert cameras last couple days, I will say that your yearling bucks are pre rutting and your older bucks should be up on their feet here in the next week here in south-western pa. This is one of  my favorite times to hunt older deer because they still stay in the core area they have been in last couple weeks except you will notice they will be moving more during daylight hours. Trail cameras should be placed on scrape lines and  transitional area’s from bedding to feeding. I’m not ready to go into the bedding yet. That is a last week move for me, I never go into the bedroom unless I know they are full swing rut. This is also a very effective time to hit the calls,  doe bleat and grunt a few sequences every hour or so can’t hurt in my opinion. I will load my favorite set of sheds up and use them for rattle horns this week.  I’m going to experiment with my decoy a little more this year here in pa and see how it works. About two years ago I had a good buddy film me for a morning in a set I knew were multiple big bucks lurking in the area> worst mistake I ever made was going in two hours early trying to hang the set the day of the hunt. I ended up 20 minutes after first light soaked in a tree. After seeing nothing I had my buddy hit the horns together and within 30 seconds here cam a pa stud plowing down the trail toward our set, by the time I got my buddy’s attention the buck had busted us the communication is key when filming hunts this would have been a lay up type shot if he continued the trail he was on. I’m gonna hit the stand starting friday for the first time and i will be using calls. I would love to hear your past experience with decoys in the east if you have ever used one.  Lets all remember what hunting is about,  and spend some quality time chasing these great animals while making memories.  Good luck Aim Small  —–>J

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The Early bird Sometimes gets the worm!!!!!

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Early season scrapes can sometimes have big results. During these first couple weeks if you can locate a scrape between bedding and feeding  most of the time, more than one mature buck is hitting it. From what I gathered over the years I see the bucks are  trying to establish a pecking order leading up to the rut. I currently am watching a scrape where a  3 and a 4 year  old buck are still in the same area. As october rolls in so will the scrape action. I am personally a huge fan of scrape hunting. I try to make bucks in areas where I know there are multiple big bucks, start the boxing early. I use buck urine and very small amounts of tarsal gland to get the party started. I make the spots convenient for me, close to a tree I can strike from and he can’t check downwind without me getting a shot.  Points of ridges and saddles are my favorite spots for scrapes. If you want a cool show,  flick your covert trail camera on video and set it back about 7-10 yards from the scrape.  let them tell you how aggressive they are getting and what direction they are coming from. Pay attention to every detail cause it may make or break your chances of sealing the deal on an old whitetail.  goodluck….J

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How to become successful in the hunting industry

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So I get messaged all the time on “What does it take to make it in the hunting industry??” Well here is my best advice. The first thing you need to remember there are thousands upon thousands of people trying to do the exact same thing you are trying to do. I mean if you are a hunter who wouldn’t love to do it for a living? The truth of the matter is it is extremely extremely hard to get into the industry and make a living. In fact some shows are in huge debt a few years before they even break even. Also some of the people still work full time jobs and do the shows on the side. However with that being said, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. For someone wanting to get started in the industry my best advice is to start filming your hunts and get some clean shots, quality tasteful video, and high quality photos. You do not need crazy expensive cameras to get good film. I do suggest  getting a camera that is HD . Filming is a lot harder then most people realize tho. With filming you now have to make the shot with your weapon and get the animal in frame on camera. Plus if you have a camera man, you now have double the scent and equipment in the tree. Keep in mind you don’t want all the blood, gore and even profanity involved. It’s just bad taste and can be a deal breaker. Once you have this under your belt approach a few smaller companies to get your feet wet. Chances are if they like what your doing you may get what is called an “Industry Deal” This usually consists of a discount on their products. Think of it this way, most companies don’t want to GIVE you anything. They want to see what you can do first. So take advantage of this and if your passionate and provide positive content it’s much easier to increase your agreement. Remember EVERYONE is calling or emailing these companies claiming to be “The next big thing” and promise all this and that. So of course these companies are going to be hesitant to invest even product in you. Would you just go giving your products or financial backing to just anyone. Absolutely not! So why would they??!! These companies have been burned by so many empty promises it’s not even funny. Your main goal should be to be different and not doing the same thing everyone else is. Set yourself apart. I always suggest start small and grow with a company and prove yourself. I have been at it for several years now and I have found this to work for me. I’m not saying it’s the right way or even the best way, I’m just saying this is what I have done. Always Always Always be honest, hard working, and humble. NEVER EVER over promise and under deliver. DO NOT name drop. Companies don’t care who you know, they want to know what YOU can do to promote their company in a positive manor better than the next guy. Your reputation goes a long way in this industry. Once you get into the industry you will start to see ever one talks to each other for the most part and that’s where your reputation is important. A tarnished reputation will spread like wild fire. As far as only getting into the industry by killing monster bucks isn’t completely true either. Surprisingly most people want to see real life situations and 150-180 inch deer most people do not encounter. Hard work, loyalty, honesty and positive promotion will get you there too. That’s how I have been successful, the old fashioned way. It takes a huge amount of time,dedication, drive and at times may feel like your spinning your wheels but don’t give up. Most people believe they can film a few hunts and the products , fame and financial backing just appears. I’m sorry to inform you but that’s not the way it actually happens. Not saying that it’s not possible that way but the majority of the time it doesn’t. I didn’t write this blog post to discourage anyone, ( I want everyone who’s passionate to succeed) I wrote this blog to inform you of the reality of this flooded industry. I am really no one special or even a big name in this industry but these are some of the things I have learned over the years. Success is all based on what YOUR perception of success is. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not possible because I am living proof that it is. No I’m not famous, but when I started into the industry I was laughed at and told ” I would never amount to anything or anyone” I used that negativity and turned it into motivation. Remember with success comes haters. People will hate on you and talk trash because you are doing something they can’t or are too lazy to do. It all comes down to how bad you want it. I am happy with my accomplishments and what my perception of success is.

If you enjoy what you read please check out my Jeremy Myers – Hunter page on Facebook and give it a “Like”. Thanks!


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Hunt preparation, The little things make a Big difference.

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Closing in on the last couple of weeks before the season,  lots of us here in Pennsylvania get to watch every bordering state open archery season first. This is when I cross my T’s and dot my I’s as part of preseason planning. By this time our hit list is pretty filled out. Stay out of the woods all you’re doing is educating animals.  Concentrating on the little things, painting climbers, nothing worse than a big piece of paint missing off the bottom of your climber for mr.big to spot on a sunny morning sit. I set all my stands that are not in use outside straps and all so the weather can make them as scent free ready to hang as can be. Yes, I use scent control products. No, I don’t think it hurts to hang your stuff outside on sunny days such as your backpack and outer layers. Wash all my other garments even towels that I will dry off with after a scent soap prep shower before hunting. Basically every little step makes a big difference.  You can play the wind all you want, but you can’t predict mother nature and I have lost a hand full of shot opportunity on big deer to the little things over the years. In the end that’s the game, better to be over prepared then under. I’m setting my muck boots outside every day, boot dryer set up for after the hunt. Go through your hunting bag make sure the essentials are their, screw in hooks or hangers for your bow and tools of the trade, pull up rope, limb clippers, wind checker. I personally carry and grunt,an estrous bleat,then after the 25 of Oct. im carrying a real set of shed antlers for rattling horns. I do use scent in scraps after the temps drop and scrape activity rises. Last but not least hang your hunter safety system out, safety harnesses you wear every day keep it scent free too. Good luck this season hope this helps.     Jeremiah

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Season 4 is right around the corner!

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Its almost that time again for another season of  Team KnockOut doors! This season we have some great hunts from Ohio, Pennsylvania , Maryland and Illinois.You definitley dont want to miss it! Be sure to stay up to date on what we are doing on Facebook on our fan page Team KnockOut. We  have a link directly on our website on toolbar on the right. We are also now on Instagram just search @teamknockouthunting

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TKO KickOff Shoot

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Be sure to join us as we partner up with Sportsmans Emporium and Tunnel Hill Archery Club to present the first “Kick Off Shoot” of the season. We will have some awesome prizes donated by all of our sponsors plus many more! If you are in the West Virgina area on June 8th, this is definitley an event you want to attend!  Badlands Operative Staff member/ Bowtech Pro Staffer and TKO founder Jeremy Myers will be at the event!  So dust off that bow and come join us!

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That Stubborn Longbeard

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That Stubborn Long Beard
 Growing up I have always had a fascination with spring gobblers. Believe it or not I actually have taught myself everything i know about turkey hunting. I quickly learned that turkey hunting requires patience,the ability to adapt quickly,skills, the ability to walk/go after that bird gobbling 2 ridges over and stealthiness.As hunters, when we are hunting spring gobblers we are actually doing the opposite of how nature works in the turkey world. By this I mean, during spring gobbler ( A turkeys form of rut) the gobbler gobbles to the sound of a ready hen. In the turkey world when the gobbler gobbles he is letting the hen that is looking to be bred know of his location and she is supposed to come to him. That’s where as hunters we need to perfect our skills. So instead of the hen meeting up with the gobbler we now must bring the gobbler to us. This can be very difficult at times. If you have ever hunted turkeys at some point you have had a gobbler on fire while he is on roost and then as soon as daylight hits and he flys down he shuts up. This can happen for a variety of reason but the most common is because he has flown down and got with hens. Now some hunters will give up and head in search of another bird. In my opinion that is a BIG mistake. Like i said previously turkey hunting takes patience.If you made your presence known off the roost after that tom has bred the hens he flew down too you can bet hes going to come back looking for that hot hen he heard in the morning. Another frustrating situation we run into as turkey hunters is that bird who just seems to hang up. Each situation is different however here is a few things I try and do. First thing I do is shut up (curiosity will usually get to them). If that doesn’t work I will back up about 50-60 yards call and act as though I’m walking away and even in some cases gobble to make that tom think there is another player on his turf. Shoot! that didn’t work! Here is where your stealthiness and ability to think quickly comes into play.Think about the layout of the land you are hunting. Can you get ahead of him? If so, this may be your best choice.Attempt to get ahead of him and wait him out or even make him think a hotter hen heard him and is coming to him from a different location.Decoys or no decoys? Once again I believe this comes down to the situation. I have had mature toms come running into decoys and other walk the other way. I have found that 2 hens to a jake or strutting tom works best. Be careful when putting  out a strutting decoy as sometimes if the bird is not mature he will see the strutting tom and quickly leave.Every situation differs but i hope this little blog helps you bring in that stubborn longbeard!
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The IQ Bow Sight

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When it comes to archery hunting or even target shooting we all look for ways to improve our abilities. For me I have always struggled with hand torque with a bow until recently. I recently put an IQ Bow Sight on my bow and must admit at first I was a little skeptical. Could a sight really change how well I held a group? The answer is yes! Over the years I have shot a variety of different sights and really never increased my accuracy. For the longest time I shot .1o pins due to the fact I could see more of the target and animal. In my mind this gave me a more precise aiming point. So when I got the IQ going up to a .19 pin was a big change. I also noticed that the face of the sight was much larger than i was used to and was closer to my riser. At first it seemed to be just another sight. You still sighted in the same way only this time my small peep was too small for the sight face. So what I did was actually went to a 1/4 peep. (actually they claim once dialed in you don’t even need a peep) Yes that’s a big one but let me finish. So once the peep was in, I now could see the entire sight. Once I dialed in at 20 yards,( the micro adjust makes sighting in a breeze) the same way we all have been taught, I then adjusted the Retina Lock dot and almost instantly saw tighter groups. The sight forces you to hold and look the same way every time. I honestly couldn’t believe it. Just like that I was already getting tighter groups. So I decided to take it to a 3D course to see if there was an improvement. The answer once again was YES! I actually shot better than I have in a long time. Now granted there were some shooter mistakes that had nothing to do with the sight. I would highly suggest you try out an IQ Bow Sight whether you purchase it or go to your local shop and try one out! I bet you make the change…..


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* Featured Show*

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S3 EP5
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Follow along with as Zac Prickett and Jared Hall, take us to Ohio to go on a muzzleloader hunt followed up an early season bow hunt!

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*Featured Show*

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S3 EP 4
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Pro Staffer Denny Witt heads out in search of an early season doe followed by Denny taking his son on a Pa rifle hunt

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*Featured Product*

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If the saying is true that; “simplicity brings a certain beauty to everything it touches.” The new Point Pack,  just got groped� No zippers to blow out, no unnecessary B.S. to deal with, this pack is all business.  It loads from the top to keep out the elements, it carries sheds like nothing else in the world. All while transferring weight as efficiently as any pack ever built.



  • AirTrack™ Suspension
  • Top loading
  • Beaver Tail design
Capacity: 2000 ci Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz
Rifle/Bow: Yes / Yes Point Available in APX swatch Point Available in MAX-1 swatch
Bladder Size: Dimensions: 21″ X 11″ X 12″

Check out this pack and all the other awesome gear at

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*Featured Product*

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Nockturnal Lighted Nocks
  • Exclusive Patent pending bow string activated linear switch
  • For fool proof operation in any conditions
  • Long Life Lithium Battery
  • Super Bright LEDs for superior illumination
  • One Piece Lightweight Construction
  • Water and Weather Proof
  • Unsurpassed Reliability

Shoot it at dusk, and with 20+ hours of battery life, you can still find your arrow the next day.


Nocks can go straight form the package to the shaft in fully operational condition. No prep work needed. Just insert it, and you are ready to shoot.


Piston driven contact switch ensures L.E.D. illumination every time. Waterproof and shock resistant design is second to none.


Shoot it at dusk, and with 20+ hours of battery life, you can still find your arrow the next day

Be sure to check out the variety of nocks at

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*New Pro Staff Members*

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Please give a big TKO welcome to the *NEWEST* members of Team KnockOut. Jeremiah Voithofer and Dan Orrahood! Also be on the look of for Dan’s son Hunter on some film this year. I am very excited they will be joining us this season . Be sure to check out the website later this week to read up on our new team additions and their bios!

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*Featured Product*

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Wild Game Buffet is their best-selling perennial seed blend.

This all-purpose mix takes into account most growing conditions and soil types (sun/shade, wet/dry).  It is shade tolerant so it does especially well on trails and small openings within the woods.   Contains primarily clovers and some cold hearty alfalfa along with a small percentage of brassicas as a cover crop.  These annuals provide protection from over grazing and additional forage during the first season while the perennials become established.   As with most all perennial blends you will see your best growth the following seasons due to the plants putting down their roots the first year.

Wild Game Buffet can also be planted with minimal and often no-tilling of the soil as long as the existing vegetation is killed off with a non-selective herbicide such as glyphosate (RoundUp).   This planting method is ideal for trails and remote plots or if you do not have access to equipment.

Seeding rate 8-10 lbs/acre. Plant Spring or late Summer.  Grows well in both sun and shade.


Contains:  Ladino, White Dutch, Medium Red, Mammoth Red, and Alsike clovers, along with alfalfa, forage turnips, forage rape, & Daikon Radish.


Check out all the great products Frigid Forage has at

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*Featured Show*

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S3 EP 2
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Pro Staffer Denny Witt and Randy Fisher set out to try and get a double on film during the 2012 Pa spring gobbler season

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*Featured Product*

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Bad Medicine Archery specializes in custom arrow wraps. I must say I a, a big fan of these wraps! If you have a logo, saying, image, or vision you want to see placed on your arrow wraps this is the place to go. Bad Medicine Archery makes wraps for some of the biggest names and shows in the hunting industry. Not only can you purchase high quality custom arrow wraps here, you can also purchase a variety of hats, shirts and an awesome bow sling! Be sure to contact Tim Endsley of Bad Medicine Archery to get your own custom wraps!

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Muck Woody Sport Cool Boot *Update*

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Well with it winding into the late portion of turkey season for us in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland we have put our new Muck Woody Sport Cool boots to the test. Thus far, the general thoughts on these boots is nothing short of awesome. We have had some days that started off in the mid 30’s and have quickly increased to tempts pushing 70 degrees at times and our feet remained comfortable as ever. I have had several people ask me about these boots and what sets them apart from other rubber boots? The answer is simple, these boots were designed for those of us on the go in warm weather. The boots are light weight, comfortable, cool/breathable, and water proof. Never have I had a pair of RUBBER boots that offered these qualities together. I would compare the feeling to a good pair of running shoes.  This has been the first turkey season ever that I havent taken my boots off and not had sweat soaked feet. Too me that speaks volumes. As hunters we push ourselves to go after futher for  that bird gobbling at the top of a steep ridge. The last thing you want to worry about is how your boots feel. I really cant say enough about these boots other then you need to get a pair and try them for yourself! So what are you waiting for??!! Go out and get your MUCK on!!

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